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Manage Access to Viewtracker Data Center Reports

Manage which user groups have access to the reports and whether to display the view count.

Grant access to Global Report

As an administrator, you can grant a specific user group access to the Viewtracker Global Report.

  1. Select Analytics Cockpit → Access.

  2. Enable the toggle "Access Global Report".

  3. Enter the name of the desired Confluence user group.


  4. Click "Save" to grant this user group access to the Global Report.


  • Members of the selected group will now see the option "Analytics Cockpit" in their Confluence header for direct access.

  • They have read-only access to the Analytics Cockpit and its reports. They will not be able to access any Viewtracker settings. These are restricted to Confluence Administrators.

  • Any settings to manage tracking (exclude spaces, exclude user groups) and regarding data privacy will also apply to the users that are granted access to the Global Report.

Enable or disable the View Counter

By default, the total of tracked views is shown on top of each page.

Clicking the View counter “xx views” will open the Content Report of that particular page.
If you disable the View counter, the Content Report can still be accessed by the page's "..." menu.

➡ More Viewtracker settings: see Tracking settings

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