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Tracking settings

General tracking settings for all Viewtracker reports.

Access the menu via Analytics Cockpit - Tracking (Manage what and how to track). The tab “Tracking” is selected by default.


  • Status: “Tracking is active” is the default state. Pause and resume tracking via Viewtracker at any time. Interactions carried out when tracking was inactive will not appear in any Viewtracker reports.

  • Cache reports: “Caching is not active” is the default state. Enable the toggle to cache the page statistics for 10 minutes. Enabling this setting improves Confluence performance on sites with a lot of traffic. However, this means that the numbers in the various Viewtracker reports will not be accurate for 10 minutes.

  • Blocking time: The blocking time (in ms) defines the period in which the Viewtracker app doesn’t track multiple views per user for the same page. The app will save a view once the blocking time is over.

  • Max. simultaneous Content & Usage Reports: The number of simultaneously created Content & Usage reports is limited to 4 by default. Decrease or increase the number if necessary.

  • Attachment File Types: see Attachment Tracking Settings

  • Search term length: Specify the minimum length of a search term that should be tracked in the Search Report. The default value is 3 characters.

  • Numbers in searches: Specify whether numbers in search terms should be tracked in the Search Report. By default, numbers are not tracked.

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