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Migrate bitvoodoo apps to Cloud with the Cloud Migration Assistant

(info) General notes:

  • This document is to give you additional information specific to migrating bitvoodoo apps.

  • All bitvoodoo apps that are Cloud-ready (consult our list) have an automated app data migration path.

  • Migrating from Server to Data Center? Consult Migrate bitvoodoo apps to DC.

🛠️ Atlassian Tools:

Cloud Migration Assistant: Process to migrate apps

App Assessment

Mark all bitvoodoo apps available in the cloud as "Needed in cloud" and tap "Continue.”

Notes on Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence

The app Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence has different modules that are listed separately. Please select “Viewtracker” & “System App: Attachment Tracking” as “Needed in cloud” and mark the others as “Not needed in cloud”. See Migrate Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence to Cloud for all details.

Notes on "bitvoodoo Registration for Confluence"

If your company ever used a free bitvoodoo app, chances are that the app “bitvoodoo Registration for Confluence” is still listed in the “Manage Apps” list. This app is not necessary for bitvoodoo’s Cloud-ready apps. You can safely delete the app or mark it as “Not needed in cloud”.


Make sure you have installed all selected bitvoodoo apps in your Cloud instance. Tap "Continue".

Agree to the app migration and tap "Continue".


Migration Process

Under "Users and Groups", select "Only users related to the selected spaces" to avoid migrating too many users.

Under "Apps", make sure to select "All".

Check for errors. If everything looks fine, tap "Continue".

Review all settings. If everything looks fine, tap "Run now".

If everything went well, you will be presented with this success screen:

The migration is complete. Give yourself a pat on the back!

We hope that the app migration of bitvoodoo apps was a full success. If you encounter any problem, please read below and contact us if the content is not displayed as expected.

Error in the migration process

Navitabs and Translations for Confluence

Some customers have encountered the error message “Migration has failed as the migration path of this app could not be determined.” during the migration process of the bitvoodoo apps Navitabs and Translations for Confluence.

We don’t know why Atlassian will sometimes display this error. Navitabs and Translations macros are all stored within the Confluence content and are, therefore, migrated with the normal content migration.
If you encounter the error above, please check the content on various migrated pages containing Navitabs or Translations macros. The content should appear as you'd expect it to.

  • If the macro content is displayed, you can safely ignore the error message.

  • If this is not the case, please create a support ticket.

Search Analytics and Attachment Tracking

The apps “Search Analytics” and “Attachment Tracking” are bundled with Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence. You can ignore the two apps in the migration process and simply select Viewtracker.

⚠️ However, please note that search queries and attachment views will not be migrated to Cloud. So please consider exporting and saving this information into a CSV for future reference. We are working on a solution to migrate this data in the future.

Please refer to the Viewtracker migration guide for all details.

Specific migration paths of bitvoodoo apps

We have additional migration information for each bitvoodoo app that is cloud-ready:

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