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How can I translate the page title on Translations Cloud?

We realize this is an important requirement for users of the Translations app.

Unfortunately, translating the page title is not possible on Confluence Cloud due to the different data structures in Cloud and On-Premise 😞. The titles can be translated on Translations for Confluence Data Center/Server; see Translate Page Title.

➡️ What this means for you: If you change the language using the language drop-down, the language of the content will adapt, whereas the page title will remain the same.

If Atlassian ever changes the data structure to allow the translation of titles, we will make sure to add this option.

Our suggestions:

  • Reach a consensus on the title language to be used in your company. It should be the language that most employees can easily understand.

  • Make users aware that there are other languages present on the page, but that the page title will always remain the same.

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