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Best Practices when using Translations for Confluence Data Center

This page gives content creators some guidance on how to use the app “Translations for Confluence” (on Data Center/Server) more efficiently.


A page editor is completely free to choose which language macros to use - or not use - on any page. Nevertheless, it is advisable to write a concept with your team:

  • Which languages should be included on which types of pages or blog posts? For example, is it necessary to translate internal notes, or should the translations only be applied to public-facing content?

  • Should you create space templates (or global templates) that already include the language macros and other macros like “excerpt”? For example, you can place the excerpt macro in a template and nest language macros inside it to include language-specific excerpts in blog posts.

  • Will screenshots have to be included in various languages?

  • Which workflow will be installed to ensure the translations are carried out and kept up-to-date?


  1. Set the space language to the default language used by your team. This way, you won't have to specify the title language for each page.

  2. Work on your content in the original language until you are satisfied with its current state. Start working on the first translation only then.

  3. Add the second language macro below the first.

  4. Copy screenshots, tables, special formatting etc. from the original into the new language macro.

  5. Only now, start translating the content itself.

Structure the page with export in mind

It's not advisable to translate your content section by section. Rather, put your first language's content into one big language macro container. Add a second language macro just below and translate the content in there. Place any content and macros that don’t need to be translated outside of language macros.

Doing this will give you a cleaner document if you want to export all content.


If you have been using the Translations app since before spring 2020, eliminate all occurrences of the old Pagetitle macro. It will only cause confusion and inconsistencies in your content. Instead, use the Translate Page Title option.

Documentation to get you started

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