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Content Synchronization

Viewtracker only tracks views and other activities on the Confluence instance from the moment it is installed. For example, if a piece of content has never been visited, edited, or commented on since the app was installed, Viewtracker does not know of its existence. Accordingly, this content does not appear in any of the Viewtracker reports.

As a Confluence administrator, you can perform a content synchronization so that information about the entire Confluence content inventory is shared with Viewtracker. After that, all content will be listed in the Viewtracker reports, regardless of whether there has been any activity since the app was installed.

Instructions for starting the synchronization

  • Access the Instance Report → How to access the Instance Report

  • Navigate to the end of the report, where the following note is displayed:

    → Click on “Start inventory synchronization.”

During the synchronization

After the synchronization is started, the Info panel refreshes and shows the synchronization progress.

Synchronization completed

When the job runs through successfully, a corresponding message appears with the timestamp of the last synchronization.
An administrator can redo a synchronization by tapping “Redo inventory synchronization”.

Related content

The synchronization affects all built-in Viewtracker Cloud reports, among them:

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