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Content & Usage Report

This new report provides more metrics of the overall performance of your Confluence instance and gives you powerful filters to customize your reports.
📖 Read possible use cases for this report in our blog post on

Accessing the Content & Usage Report

This new report is part of the Global Report and the Space Report.

Access the global report via:

  • → Analytics Cockpit (visible to Confluence Administrators only) or

  • Confluence header → Analytics Cockpit (visible to users who have been granted access)

Then, select “Content & Usage” below the pre-selected “Overview”.

Access the report on a space level:

  1. Access a specific space.

  2. Select ⚙ Space tools → Analytics Cockpit

  3. Choose either “Content” or “Users”:

The metrics on the global and the space level are the same and are explained on these pages:

Disabling or limiting the Content & Usage Report

If you want to disable the Content & Usage Report, use the respective Dark feature.

The number of Content & Usage reports that can be generated simultaneously is limited. Depending on the capacity of your Confluence instance, an administrator can change this number. You can find more about this in the Administrator's Guide.

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