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Navitabs Cloud Macros

The Navitabs macros make navigation on Confluence easier by saving clicks and searches. Here’s which macros are available on Cloud and what they do:

Tab Wizard - Create your own tabs: Insert your own tab content (can be text, an existing Confluence page, or external content like iFrames or embed codes).

Tab Macro: Structure your page's content in tabs. This macro must be used within a Tab Group macro.

Tab Group Macro : Wrapper macro. Generates tab navigation with the individual Tab macros that are inserted.

Use the new Tab Wizard: Our new helper macro that includes the Navitabs options Childtabs, Labeltabs & Tabs as well as the new option “Select from existing pages”.

The following Navitabs macros are no longer visible in Navitabs Cloud since February 2023. The new Tab Wizard macro replaces them. It has the same features as the legacy macros and offers more options, like embedding external content or selecting from various existing Confluence pages.

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