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Jira Service Management Portal

ℹ️ The following information applies to Viewtracker Data Center/Server. JSM views cannot be filtered in Viewtracker Cloud due to technical restrictions in the Confluence Cloud API.

Knowledge Base Articles in JSM

If you have connected your Jira Service Management Portal to Confluence, you might be wondering: How useful is my Knowledge Base to visitors of the Service Portal? Do people use the knowledge base directly in Confluence, or do they search for help elsewhere?

Viewtracker can help you answer those questions. When a user accesses a Knowledge Base Article (which is a Confluence page) via the Portal, Viewtracker tracks the visit. You can later filter on the source.

More information on Knowledge Bases:

A Knowledge Base Article stemming from a Confluence page

Filtering for JSM views

You can filter for views via Jira Service Management in the following Viewtracker reports:

In the filters, tap “Filter views by source”, then select “Jira Service Management” and tap “Apply”.

The numbers in the “Views” table will adapt accordingly. The filtered data can also be exported and used in other tools.

(info) Note that the filter only applies to page views. Edits, page versions etc are not affected by the filter, and the interactions will still appear in the graph.


Other sources

Viewtracker also tracks views from other sources. This is the complete list:

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